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The new musical chariot for PatrickL’s eclectic musical composition.


Artist: Godlesstate

Album Title: Godlesstate

Label: Hagshadow

Cat N. HagKen 161 ©

CD Digipack May 2016


A founder member of Sixcomm, Mother Destruction & the first Incarnation of Death in June he continues his multi instrumentalist work as Godlesstate.

This first new album pays homage to his previous music as Mother destruction & the later 6comm style as heard on the

acclaimed Headless let the moon speak albums where he produces a very individual idiosyncratic music unique amongst his contemporaries.

This album is a quirky mix of Industrial, World, & Tribal soundscape compositions based on the subject matter of ancient pre history

such as Epic of Gilgamesh, a Winters Voyage from Scandinavia to Doggerland via Bronze age ships, the influence of the Ancient Indian Vedic culture

to the West & to the early Celtic cultures via the Middle East, the delightfully melodic

Shania reed pipes and hand drums of Catalhoyuk & Beyond, paying homage to the pre historic town of the same name.

The instruments played on this album range from hand played drums & percussion of all varieties, reed pipes, Bombards, flutes, Zithers, Jaws harps,

horns, metal pipes, multi layered vocals of all styles and the otherworldly synthesis of software instruments.

This new album is an introduction to the more rhythmic & harsher second album Doggerland which is already underway.

Patrick has taken a year out of live performance to travel around the UK, field recording and taking in the sights & sounds of the land,

sea & the skies of the Islands just North & West of Doggerland.

Upon the completion of the second album Doggerland – Godlesstate may undertake live performance during 2017 or 18. Only time knows.

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CD Sample:


6 Comm One Mans Hel November 2015


6 Comm - One Mans Hel

New album release

One Mans Hel


6comm or PatrickL One of the founder members of Death In June, Mother Destructions Magical tribal techno during the 1990's and others latterly returning to his solo project has released his final album as 6comm.

An intense mix of almost industrial Atheist rock anthems like One man Hel , Red cloak & Othila, his heavily charged multi instrument works rant against the religious monoliths of the Catholic & Muslim states, his songs some 25 years old being very relevant today as they were when originally written.

The album is split into three distinct parts - the first part of 4 songs being rhythmically heavy almost rock in sound , then second part more eccentric, experimental and the final two songs ballad in nature. With 11 compositions of new - unreleased & reworks this album reflects the music that 6comm have been performing live during the last 3 years.

PatrickL performed his last & final show as 6comm this Summer but will be working under other project names in future.His next new album will be as PatrickL Title Godlesstate I An album of soundtrack vocal & percussion works based around his interest in pre history proto culture & religion. Release due Spring 2016

This is the last album to be released under the name 6comm.

PatrickL will continue to record & perform under his other project names.


Track List:

One Mans Hel, Angel Scream, Red cloak, Othila, Doubt to death, What time is it?,

Kalashnikov Vodka bar mix, Rosewood cuts, This is love, Twisted love, Dream 39

Six Page Digi-pack with 8 Page Booklet. KENHAG000006

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Thank you to the organizer and everyone involved at ENTREMURALHAS Festival

We had truly wonderful time !



April 2015 News


Thank you very much to Alex & Emy who organised the wonderful 6comm event last week in Italy, Totem Club Vicenza.
We had great time.
Six Comm has one final concert to perform, Portugal, August 2015.
Schrage Musik , which is already known & Godlesstate which shall see its first release at the end of this year are the main projects I am currently working on.
The music continues. Thank You.
Patrick L


Athens Death Disco


Thank you to Death Disco event organizers

George Papanikolaou,Leo, Fotini and the audience for such a wonderful week-end.

Photos: Malice F