June 6 News


Photo by: Oflorenz-Not Conform Photography

Summer is here at last although I didn't notice a Winter at all.
The WGT was a wonderful event . 1000 miles of driving , little sleep for 5 days,
lot of drinking until the early hours and yes also 3 concerts , I nearly forgot.

6comm .I was joined onstage by Gaya & Gernot who performed so well throughout both shows.
Well enough said , we had a good time.
Many people asked me of the future , well who knows what the future holds.
For the time being & near future I am working on new 6comm material & the Schragemusik
The SchrageMusik CD will be ready for November . I am not sure that I will be able to
finish both albums on time .
For the intermediate future , that being the last half of 2015, I am hoping to complete the Godlesstate 
album and visuals. 
This is a musical work which is not song format but rather soundscapes with a lot of live hand percussion & drumming to the visual DVD content & so hopefully a departure from the song based material the audience has seen so far.

Live work . After trying to work with different people in the last year or so finally the usual line up of 6comm will be myself and Gaya Donadio. Sometimes we will be joined onstage by Gernot M for certain shows as the physical distances and circumstances allow.
The other news is that as you may have seen I have joined the live line up of Antichildleague.
We will also be assisting on each others recording in future. Watch out for  a new Acl release at the end of the year.

Next live concert  Villa festival Italy

Thank you again for all your support.
regards ,
Patrick L & Gaya D


Live Dates 2014

6comm 2014 dates



London Live 19 01 2014


Six Comm Copenhagen live 2014


Six Comm Hamburg Live 2014


Six Comm Live Berlin 2014


October/November 2013 News

October/November News

Photo by: Ives Zanders


Thank you to all the people who attended the event on 18th & 19th October.


For Six comm this was the first concert for quite some time and it was a great way to find my musical feet again. A big thanks to Gernot M who contributed keyboards, drums & guitar thus relieving me of playing as much as I usually do on stage. Thank s also to the techs & the organizers.

It was very nice to meet Angelo, Elena and the guys from Kirlian camera. They played a gut rumbling and very tight set each night. Wonderful performance.

So next is the show in Oberhausen on 15/11/13 where I will be joined onstage also by Mark , Six comm

becoming a 3 piece band for the first time, hopefully making the audio output even stronger.


OntogenyI is now released and on sale both here at Hagshadow mail order and in Germany.

In Germany just check online and at Amazon & Discogs.


Ontogeny II will be ready for release in March/April. Again this will be a 6 track CD in card sleeve.

Ontogeny is a series of 6 releases including new , re works , and tracks no longer available on physical format.

The idea is to issue a Box package with a few extras at a later date to act as a container for those who wish to keep the series in one place. Perhaps this will be issued with the final Ontogeny CD.

All 4 CDs and the two Vinyl will be released by the end of 2014.

The new Six comm album I now expect to be ready in the last half of 2014.

December sees the concert at the Bimfest in Antwerp , the last concert of the year.

I shall shortly over the Winter also be working on a two track 6comm/Blindwormcycle production with a special guest or two.



Many items are now either sold out or will be within the next concerts.

So please note the sold out items in the shop and the price changes

Schragemusik 7" Eternity - Ragnarok 7" Headless 2xCD - Odin Hoodies & all metal pins

will be sold out at the next shows. I shall remake the metal pins plus a new one after Yule.


That is quite enough for now.

Thank you again to those of you who attend the shows or buy my music.

I still find it hard to believe that all these years later I am still supported by folks out there.

I really appreciate that .

best wishes PL<


September 2013


Dear Folks , 
We have just returned from the NCN fest which was the start of my full time return to music.
It was a funny , gruelling, inspirational trip with all the usual trappings of travel and live performance.
Very nice to be back in Deutchland and to drive into the darkness of the last 100 miles or so to Leipzig in pitch black with almost no road markings which lead you direct to the deserted streets of the city . We were wondering whether the Syrian crisis had developed into WW3 and everyone had gone underground but no it was Just Leipzig after 6pm and not even a Goth in sight.
On stage the performance seemed to go well though from on stage it is always hard to tell as you hear nothing like what is coming out of the front system and I always want it louder . We certainly achieved the main reason for the performance which was to video and record the event. I have yet to receive the video footage but I will shortly. It is my intention to finally realise a DVD release from this footage and audio cut together with the 3 former shows in London and Germany. This will be a job for next year not this.
Front of stage was of course Freya Aswynn in her red splendor and Wodan hat  and very beautiful she looked. I think even the Old man would have briefly shed a tear only to blame it on the damned ice wind . Freya was  joined at left by 
Phil Parkyn  of Kith of Yggdrasil , Pagan org Hendon Heathens and who participates on advisory councils of many national & international Heathen organisations and helps run music related charity events in North London. My only regret is that we did not have Phil onstage at the previous performances of Fruits , its is a pleasure to have worked with him and I hope that we can do something together and with Freya in future. We actually still never had that rehersal !

My thanks go to the NCN organisers ,6comm official agent and the stage technicians who all worked so diligently.
Thanks also to Alex Nym  for his introduction on stage and work behind the scenes before the event.
That will probably be the last time that we perform the Fruits as an entity but who  knows we may be back at some point and chose to play particular pieces live once more.
We are planning to do some further recording together together with special guests at a later date.

Now Briefly, coming next is my guest appearance at the Kirlian Camera weekend 18th & 19th October and I wonder where that will be ……..  maybe Leipzig again ?  
Looking forward to this as since I am only the support act I don't feel any pressure at all.
This will be the last time I play a couple of tracks from the past live and I am quickly putting together a quick version of Last farewell for the first and last time. 
This show will be the last of the old format for those who have seen 6comm in the last couple of years.  Changes will come and slowly by next year the transition should be more evident when I shall be joined by a new band member.

Releases !  We are trying very hard to press a CD in time for the Kirlian Camera weekend . 
Angelo has kindly given me permission to release my recordings covering his wonderful songs 
Blue Room & Drifting. In fact these were the first two tracks I recorded when I decided to continue with music back in March this year. These two tracks will be together with a new version of Born Again , Othila and a couple of old recordings that at the moment unavailable on hard format.

Also thought not 100% confirmed an Italian label may release a 6 track vinyl LP with two Schrage tracks  and other 6comm works sometime between December and March.

Ontogeny CD will now be put back to March /April. I wanted to release this CD in London but as you know I cancelled the London show. 6comm will start to play again from March /April and we have approx 6 further shows being booked and it seems I shall be playing several major fests next year.
Enquiry's for live shows are welcome. Please email me and I will put you in touch with the 6comm media agent.

As always thanks to Gaya for all her work & support

Finally thanks to all who came to the show. I know that many of you could not travel to the location or afford the festival ticket price just to see us  but I hope that you can make it to one of our normal events.

Enjoy the last breeze of Summer and look forward to the darker months.
PatrickL  in Engel Cyn

Credits for the photo images at NCN Festival go to Michael Wolff and Ives Zander

(All photos in the gallery are RIGHT RESERVED)