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Sutcliffe Jügend

The Sutcliffe Jugend are Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor. They were among the original and most extreme ‘power electronics’ acts of the early 1980s, collaborating with Whitehouse until formally disbanding in 1982 (together with Philip Best’s Consumer Electronics project) to concentrate on the new ‘super-powerful’ Whitehouse. With this line-up of Bennet, Best & Tomkins, they released the notorious ‘Right to Kill’ LP giving birth to the sound now established as ‘power electronics‘. Tomkins also appearing on the band’s seminal ‘Great White Death’ album, a record which laid down the blueprint to a genre innumerable immitators would emulate but never equal.

During their life-span Sutcliffe Jugend put out a number of definitive cassette-only releases such as ‘Campaign’, ‘We Spit On Their Graves’ and ‘When Pornography Is No Longer Enough’

Following a hiatus of over 20 years, Sutcliffe Jugend returned with a new CD, ‘Death Mask’ on Freek Records affirming their place as an ever-vital force in the arena of extreme electronic music. A number of subsequent and critically appraised releases have followed.
Just what this very special and highly anticipated return to live performance will consist of is as much a mystery to us as anyone else but will be expected to include material from their wealth of early recordings and no doubt some newer material. An absolutely essential event for any fans of Uncompromising Extreme Music. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see these Power Electronics legends LIVE!

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Read recent album review on Compulsion online and Vital:

Plus Guests:

Fronted female experimental power electronic noise [UK]
Power Electronics/Drone/Black Metal [USA]
Pure crime electronics
Purge Electronics by Steve Bagman  [UK]
Dead Normal
(First time live in London)
Dead Normal are Mario G. Ferrer, Oriol Rosell and Zoë V.
Mario G.Ferrer a.k.a d.Forma focuses on the most radical side of electronics and noise. His sonic work has been released by labels like Hive Records and Inner Demons. A graphic designer as well, he runs the Lovethechaos label.
Oriol Rosell has been involved in the Barcelona experimental music scene for more than twenty years as a journalist, curator and musician. He has a solo project under his own name besides Dead Normal.
Zoë V. aka CopdeCap is a photographer and performer. She has portrayed some of the best known noise makers around in her “mirror series” and does performance art alongside Eudald Van der Pla. She’s one half of VWxYZ with Wajid Yaseen.
Plus special guest John Paul
In Search of Death
(First live appearance)
Project of Belgian industrial artist Xavier H. (the man who runs Death Continues Records).”Imagine yourself walking through the remains of a factory abandoned in the face of a cataclysmic event; abandoned in such haste that nothing was shut down. It’s years later, but somehow the industrial machinery continues to execute its duties with relentless precision while bearing the signs of wear. The pounding rhythm of the machines is crunchy with accumulated stress; the lack of maintenance is evident in the rough texture of decay that overlays every sound. The machines no longer work in silence, but over a level of background noise of their own state of disrepair and of the environmental sounds that permeate the surroundings from broken windows and collapsed sections of the walls. You move through something that was once a testament to human achievement, which is now remarkable chiefly for its utter lack of humanity. (Kate McDonald – Heathen Harvest)”

DJs : Nathan Nothing, Biotope Art Organization, Gia.D
Hagshadow music stall

Art Exhibition:
“Robin Chuter (Ebru/postal art) pieces from the vinyl series”

Tickets £15 at Door
Via Hagshadow- No booking fee!
Doors: 19:30 – close 4am
Venue: Nightclub Kolis same location as the Archway Tavern.
London, United Kingdom
By that time we should have the underground trains running 24 hrs!


Please keep a copy of ticket purchase to show at the door. Paypal payment invoice please.

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